Dry Film Thickness TestWhat is a Structural Coating Survey ?

The reason for carrying out a Structural Coating Survey within any building may be :

  • Paintwork on the structural steel may be failing.
  • To assess was the Paintwork on the structural steel applied properly.
  • Did the application meet all the conditions as specified by the Paint manufacturer?
  • It maybe in preparation to carryout an overhaul of the building.
  • It may be required in the assessment of the coating system or the Structural element.

The Purpose of The Survey?

Ceasefire Services carry out Structural Coating Surveys by defining key component areas. We then look methodical at what has happened either during or since the last coating system was applied.

Ceasefire Services carry out detailed surveys and provide the client with a report that demonstrates the cause of THE FAILURE and what remedial action can be taken.

We carefully look at the following but not limited to :

  • Region
  • Location
  • Structure of the facility
  • Specification of the coating
  • Application and Conditions
  • Programme of the application.
  • Personnel used on the application
  • Cease Fire Services can provide remedial works costing and ensure that all works are carried out to meet all specifications.

Advice and Support

If you need some advice please contact one of our team to arrange a quote.  Should you require any advice our team will gladly help