Fire doors are an absolutely vital part of any business. You probably pass through dozens of fire doors every single day without pausing to consider them.

If a fire door is propped open or fails to close properly, fire and smoke could quickly spread from one area to another. The risks that inoperable fire doors represent range from the bad to the truly terrifying:

  • Business interruption/loss of business
  • Reconstrunction & repair costs.
  • Reputational damage
  • Risk of injury
  • Loss of life.

Next time you walk through a fire door, ask yourself

  • Are the gaps around the fire door correct?
  • Are the intumescent strips in proper order?
  • Is the fire door glazing appropriate and fitted correctly?

If you can’t answer these questions, contact us to arrange a fire door survey for your organisation.

Badly Fitted Fire Door

Credit: British Woodworking Federation: Fire Door Safety Week