Fire Doors are a key component to the fire safety of a building and a highly recommended method of passive fire protection throughout the UK and Ireland.

Ceasefire Services offers a complete range of fire door services from specifying and installation through to on going inspection and repair/maintenance.

This enables us to help you ensure complete safety of your occupants at all times, as well as making sure that you’re in line with all fire safety regulations.

Fire Door Installation and Maintenance

Fire Door Frequently Asked Questions

Ceasefire Services experts answer the most common fire door questions.

Read the fire door FAQ.

Fire Door Installation

Ceasefire Services can supply & fit FD30, FD60 and other appropriate fire doors in accordance with all current legislation. It is recommended that fire doors should be installed by members of an independent certified installation scheme such as FIRAS or an equivalent third-party certifier.

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Fire Door Maintenance

Regular maintenance of your fire doors is essential to ensure performance in the event of a fire.  Nobody expects a fire in their premises; however when a fire hits the results can be catastrophic with expensive repairs, costly downtime and in the worst case it endangers lives.

Properly maintained fire doors help prevent the spread of fire & smoke.

Read more about our fire door maintenance service.

Fire Door Survey/Inspection

Over time fire doors can become damaged, gaps appear, closers fail. Are your organisation’s fire doors fit for purpose?

Ceasefire Services can complete a full fire door inspection across your business producing a full report detailing the condition of each fire door, highlighting any necessary remedial work.

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Fire Door Checklist

While regular independent fire door inspections are an essential part of any fire safety scheme, Ceasefire Services have produced a quick fire door checklist for interim fire door inspections.

View the fire door checklist.

Fire Door Report

A fire door report is an itemised report containing details for every single fire door within an organisation.

Upon completion of a fire door survey, the report shows the location, photographs, survey results and any required maintenance/remediation for each fire door.

Read more about the Ceasefire fire door report.

Fire Door Guardian

Fire door guardian is the Ceasefire Services managed fire door service.

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Fire Door Risks

The dangers behind badly fitted or maintained fire doors often remain hidden until it’s too late.

See some of the most common faults found during a fire door survey and the terrifying consequences.

View the fire door safety risks.