Fire Door Installation and Maintenance

Firedoor Installation, Maintenance & Surveying

Fire doors are vital to the overall fire safety within a building. They must be of the correct specification, installed to the required standard and maintained thereafter for the ongoing safety of all the occupants.

Fire Safety Facilities Management

We can provide your business with peace of mind with our bespoke fire safety facility management services, ensuring that you comply with the relevant fire safety regulations at all times.

Fire Safety Facilities Management
Structural steel protection

Structural Steel Protection

Fire resistance testing on structural steel members has shown that the ability of the structure to resist fire will be greatly enhanced dependent upon the particular system chosen.

Passive Fire Protection Surveying

Fire resistance can be seriously compromised if passive fire protection is installed improperly or hasn’t been maintained. Our expert fire safety consultants inspect all elements of your passive fire protection producing a custom report immediately highlighting areas needing attention.

Passive Fire Protection Surveying

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Specialists in intumescent coatings, industrial coatings and fire stopping/air sealing systems.

Passive fire protection is an integral component of structural fire protection and fire safety in any building. Its benefits aid in the containment of fires and slow the spread.

The correct installation of fire door assemblies and door-sets is fundamental to their overall performance to ensure the fire door will remain reliable in the event of a fire. We provide installation of Fire Doors and an accompanying maintenance programme to suit, traditionally on 6 month cycles. 

We provide Boarded Fire Protection Systems and Intumescent Paint Systems which meet the highest standards of fire safety. By incorporating a proprietary fire protection system, the ability of the structure to resist fire will be greatly enhanced dependent upon the particular system chosen.


Facilities Management

We offer a professional and thorough on-site survey highlighting all aspects of inadequate and non-compliant Passive Fire Protection and Fire Door inadequacies. Our unique software app is used to collaborate and share project information in real-time including photos, tasks and reports.

We provide the client with a detailed PDF report alongside photographic evidence highlighting all areas of concern, in turn we offer a programme with remedial costs to insure the integrity of the building and that all standards comply with current legislation.

  • High Risk Areas throughout complexes
  • Full Passive Fire surveys
  • Commercial assistance for passive defaults
  • Costing assistance saving time
  • Indicative reports to plan solutions
  • Advisory service for Maintenance teams
  • Destructive testing and reporting
  • On-site specific training